Canadian Online Casinos

It will always be the casino site you choose to play at as a Canada based player that will ultimately determine whether you have an enjoyable time playing all manner of Zodiac Casino games online.

Therefore if you do live in CANADA I would urge you to read through, and in full, the following guide. For below I am going to be listing and pointing out to you everything that you should be looking for and demanding from each casino site you choose to play at.

Be aware that not two casino sites are going to be the same, and as such never be in too much of a rush to sign up to the very first casino site you come across online.

One mistake that many players will make is to be tempted by a huge valued sign up welcome bonus, and whilst there can be lots of playing value when you claim such a bonus you do need to ensure you are going to get a fully rounded gaming experience at the site you choose to play at!

Our casino reviews help players to find and rank the top Canadian casinos to play hence the popular question : “What is the best online casino Canada?”.

Ofcourse the results can be overwhelming as many gambling sites offer in browser play with multiple software options to choose from but we rate the full download casinos as available at the Zodiac Casino site, the best for high rollers because the game play is more secure and reliable.

While performing our tests we check the quality and benefits for Canadians when recommended online gambling sites rank high in our list for instance Golden Tiger Casino’s huge welcome bonuses, free slots, free spins on sign up and can you play in Canadian dollars and get fast payouts when using specific banking options for Canada.

This gambling site is also rated “excellent” with regard to the UK Online Casinos as a trusted haven by high roller players that opt to play Golden Tiger Casino live dealer games.

Besides that the progressive jackpots payouts must be guaranteed for big wins and all casino games must be safe and secure to play.

Top 10 Canadian Online Casino Features

This is probably going to be the most important section of this guide to playing at Canadian casino sites, for below I am going to be pointing out to you the top 10 most important features and aspects that any casino site you care thinking of playing at should be offering you.

You really do owe it to yourself to always shop around and then compare just what goodies each casino site wants to offer you as a VIP player, for by ensuring that any sites you do play at offer you at the very least the following ten different thing you are then going to have an enjoyable time.

One way that you will however always be guaranteed of playing at only the very highest rated casino sites is by choosing to play at any of those that I have reviewed and presented to you throughout this website.

Each of those casinos have been handpicked by me and each of them will be offering you all of the following things, and all of them will also be offering you a range of additional extras, which can and do include some huge valued casino bonuses too!

Multiple Gaming Platforms at Best Online Casinos for Canada

The way in which you can access casino games these days is constantly changing, however you as a high roller or fun player can opt for casino games using several different types of gaming platforms, and you will also find you can play at most of our top rated Canadian casino sites using a mobile device too!

The first type of gaming platform you may be interested in using is a live gaming platform on which you will be able to play live card and table games at home on your computer but those games are being played in a land based brick and mortar casino and you watch the action unfold via a live video stream.

You are also going to find a fully downloadable gaming platform available at all of our featured casino sites and that is the one to utilize if you want to have access to the biggest range of casino games.

There will also be an instant play gaming platform on offer to you are all of our featured casino sites and those gaming platforms simply use your chosen web browser as the way in which the games are launched and loaded into.

Huge Suite of Canadian Casino Games

The more games that you do have access to the much better an enjoyable gaming session you are then going to have and will always be able to pick and choose from many different games of the same category.

The casinos you will find I have listed for you throughout this website that accept Canadian players have hundreds upon hundreds of games on offer, and you will always have the option of playing them for free to get used to playing them or for real money too.

In regards to just which gaming platforms have the biggest and best range of games it is often the fully downloadable platforms that are going to have the most games on offer, so if you do want access to the most games then I would advise you to make a beeline to play on such a microgaming casinos gaming platform.

However you will always find plenty of games available even if you chose to play via an instant play gaming platform, and fee play options are available on those gaming platforms too.

Published Payout Percentages

To get more winning payouts over your long term play then what you are going to have to do is to make a point of only ever play the casino games that have been set to return the very highest of payout percentages, however finding out which games do payout more than other can be quite difficult.

That is unless you play at our range of approved and fully licensed online casino sites for each casino game that Microgaming has ever launched has been designed to offer fair payout percentages in fact Microgaming have published the payout percentages of all their casino games!

That does of course mean you are not going to find it very difficult at all to find a casino site at which to play at that is going to give you access to the all important payout percentage information and that means you can pick the games that do offer the very highest pay backs, which should of course be the only games you ever play online!

Plenty of Banking Options for Canadians

One thing you are going to have to do when playing for real money at any casino site you want to sign up. register and make a deposit to play. Therefore things to look out for on any casinos banking pages are a lot of different deposit and withdrawal options.

You should never play at any casino sites that are going to charge you anything on top of your deposit amount and you most certainly should never play at any casino sites that are going to impose fees and charges on your for withdrawing your winnings either!

Also look out for casino sites that do not leave your withdrawals in a pending state for too long, for the longer a casino does leave your withdrawals pending the more chance you will have of reversing those withdrawals, and you may run the risk of losing your winnings if you do decide to reverse then and continue playing with your winnings.

Plus, any casino that will let you pick and choose from a large range of both deposit and withdrawal options is always going to be preferable as you can then make a deposit and any withdrawals via a method that is very convenient to you.

Multi-Currency and CAD Settings

If you live in Canada then when you sign up to and play at an online casino site one thing that you will probably want to be able to do is to make deposits into that casino site using good old Canadian Dollars and never be forced to have to make a deposit in any other currency.

Some casinos force you to play for example in Euros or US Dollars and as such as a Canadian resident you first have to exchange your Canadian Dollars for the currency offered to players at those casino sites and then if you win you will have to get that other currency exchanged back into your home currency.

By doing so you are going to be hit with currency exchange rates and fees and charges and that is going to reduce the value of your deposits and also any winnings you want to withdraw.

As such I would advise you to make the very wise decision of only ever playing at our featured casino sites for by doing so you are enabled to set your account to use Canadian Dollars and will never be required to make deposits, play or withdraw your winnings in any other currency other than CAD!

Multi-Language Customer Support for Canadian Players

If you want to communicate with a casino support team in another language other than English then you may struggle to do so at some casino sites for many casinos only offer their players support in English!

However, there are going to be plenty of different language options available to you at any or all of our featured casino sites so if English is not your first language then you will have no problems getting your questions fully answered in your own home language as a player at those casino sites.

Another thing that you will appreciate if you do want to gamble for real money online and your language in not English is that you can configure the software in such a way that all of the game play controls and rules will be displayed in the language you choose.

So keep that in mind when you are looking for a casino site at which to play at as by sticking to our top rated casinos you are always going to pick from a range of different language options.

Easy to Claim Bonuses

Bonuses are always going to be there for the taking at virtually all online casino sites however you do need to ensure you are only making use of the ones that come with the fairest terms and conditions and also pick out and utilize the bonuses that give you a very fair chance of winning.

With that in mind what I would urge you to do is to take a look at the bonuses that are available at the top rated Canadian player friendly casino sites that I have showcased throughout the website and compare their terms and conditions with some Free Spins bonuses available at other casino sites.

I am more than confident that when you do so you will soon discover why those sites I have showcased to you are going to be the very best ones to play at, for the bonuses come with very easy to understand terms and conditions and they also always come with very reasonable play through requirements too.

However, you are never going to be forced to have to claim any of those bonuses if you do not wish to claim them but it is always good to know that they are available and on offer to you if you do ever fancy boosting the value of your bankroll by claiming any of them!

Plenty of Ongoing Promotional Deals

You are always going to have the option of being able to claim or not claim bonuses at our featured Canadian casino sites for they are never going to force you to take and use bonuses if you do not wish to do so.

However, one thing that will not escape your notice when you take a look over the websites of each of our featured casino sites is that each of them do have some very generous and unique welcome sign up bonuses, and those bonuses will be credited to your account saintly if you choose to claim them an make use of them.

But only that but you are also going to find that a large range of ongoing promotional offers, deals and bonuses are also going to be made available to you regularly at each of those casinos sites, so you will always be able to lock in lots of playing value.

Always do however read through the terms and conditions of any bonuses you do like the look of and are thinking of claiming so you know fully how you are required to play off your bonus credits.

Lots of New Games Launched

Another thing you should always look out for as a Canadian player who wants to play casino games online are online casinos that have a very steady stream of brand new games available.

That is certainly something you will find on offer at Microgaming powered online casino sites, for each month and without fail they always launch a handful of brand new and never seen before games.

Admittedly a lot of those games are brand new slot machines however they do all come jam packed full with unique themes, bonus games and bonus features so it will be worth keeping any eye out for when those new games are launched as they will certainly be worth playing.

Also with lots of additional games available other than just slot machines, no matter what types of games you enjoy playing the most you are always going to be guarantee of finding lots of different variants of those games at our featured casino sites.

Plus, with adjustable staking options you will always be able to afford to play them too and can put them through their paces at no risk to see if you do enjoy playing them before you set about playing them for real money.

Huge Paying Progressive Jackpot Games

One final thing to look out for is casino sites that are providing you access to a fairly large and very diverse range of progressive jackpot paying casino games.

When you do have a good choice of such games then as long as you play them in the way that ensures the jackpots are activated and in play, then any game you play off could be the lucky game that awards you with one of those progressive jackpots.

However, one of the major benefits that is on offer to you at all of our Microgaming software powered online casino sites is that there are lots of low stake progressive jackpot games on offer so you could in a huge life changing jackpot for a very small stake.

But not only that if you are ever lucky enough to win such a progressive jackpot, and no matter how large in value that jackpot is, Microgaming will ensure that is it paid out to you in very quickly and they will also pay you in a one lump sum payment, so you will not have to wait weeks or even months to get paid out that jackpot to you in full!

Best Canadian Player Friendly Casino Software

There are lots of different types of gaming platforms and casino software that you can make use of as a Canada based player, however one of the very best ones is the gaming platform available from Microgaming.

In fact, each of the casino sites that you will see showcased throughout this website all use Microgaming gaming platforms, and be given the choice of either choose the instant play in browser or full download option.

Keep in mind though that a downloadable gaming platform will take several minutes to download and install, however you will often find many additional features and option settings at such site.

One of the major benefits however that will be coming your way when you do sign up and play at any casino site offering the Microgaming range of games is that you will then have access to hundreds of different games.

Plus, the games will all offer you lots of different staking values too, in fact you will also have the option of being able to play all of the games bar the progressive games completely free of charge and that is going to be a great way to test them all out to see which ones you like the best.

Checkout Our Top Rated Canadian Casino Sites

The casino sites that I have chosen to showcase and present to you throughout this website all use the gaming platform from Microgaming however they are all run and operated by the same company too.

That company is called Casino Rewards and they operate over 30 different online casino sites and have been doing so for well over twenty years now. As such they do have a lot of experience in giving players everything they need to have the best gaming experience possible.

When you sign up to more than one Casino Rewards owned and operated casino site, all of the comp points and the bonuses you can claim are added to your Casino Rewards account, and as such you are fully in control of when you can turn your pooled comps points into credits and can select the casino site they are added to.

You can also choose when to add your bonus credits to your account and as your comp points are all pooled together in that one central account you do tend to earn more points when playing at their casinos!

Always Play Responsibly

One final thing I would like to bring to your attention is that many casino sites now offer their players a range of different gambling limit options which will become available once you log into your casino account as a real money player.

To ensure that you only every gamble with money that you can afford to lose you are best advised to set aside your gambling budget, but also make sure you do make use of those player adjustable gamble limit option settings.

By doing so just select how long you gamble for during any one single session, and you will also be able to select a deposit limit too, and as such once you have reached that limit you will not be able to deposit any more cash into your account for the chosen period of time you have selected.

You will also be offered an option setting in regards to how much you can lose over any given time period, so if you do want to ensure you stick to your gambling budget and bankroll then always make use of those settings and always gamble responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Real Money Online Casinos

As you do have plenty of Canadian player friendly casino sites to play at these days, you may have lots of questions about playing at such sites. Much more so if you haven’t done so before. Therefore, below I will be answering several questions I do know many players are seeking the answers to.

What currencies can I deposit and play with?

The featured casino sites upon this website are multi-currency casinos. Therefore, when you pick one at which to play at and are registering as a new player you should select your own home currency as the one that will be used on that new casino account.

Can I really win big playing at online casinos?

You are just as likely to win big when playing at an online casino site as you are when playing at a land-based casino. Just keep in mind though, that every game at our top-rated casino sites is certified as being random, and progressive jackpot awarding games do tend to have the biggest jackpot on offer too.

Are new casino games regularly launched online?

Make no mistake about it you are going to get access to plenty of brand-new casino games when playing at online casinos. Those sites showcased upon this website by the way get several new games added to their gaming platform throughout each month.

Do online casino games offer different stake options?

Apart from just a small number of fixed stake games, such as some progressive jackpot awarding games, you will find a range of very low to very high staking options on all online real money casino games. So, you can play them for any stake level you can afford to play them for.

How often are online real money casino bonuses offered?

It will all be dependent on just which casino sites you play at, as to just how many bonuses you will be offered. If you are a fan of claiming casino related promotional offers you will always get more than your fair share of them at Zodiac Casino.

How good are casino apps when compared to online casinos?

There are going to be not that many differences regarding online casino sites and mobile casino apps. The only main differences are that the screen on your mobile device will be smaller than the game screens when you are playing for example on a computer or laptop.

How old do I have to be to play at an online casino

If you are the minimum legal age to gamble wherever it is you live in the world, you are going to be able to legally play at plenty of online and mobile casino sites too.

Can I play more than one casino game at a time online?

Most online gaming platforms will give you the option of opening and playing more than one casino game at a time, and will let you use an auto play option settings to send each of the games that you have open into live play too.